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   2009 Tennessee TSSAA 6A State Champions                 2015 TSSAA 6A State Quarter Finals                 2013 TSSAA 6A State Semi Finals                                                                         2011 TSSAA 6A State Quarter Finals                 2008 TSSAA 6A State Semi Finals                                                         


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#4  (Graduated 2010)

Julian Burton (Missouri State University) WR

#11  (Graduated 2010)

Anthony Hayes (University of Memphis) DB

#44  (Graduated 2010)

Fred Harvey (University of Memphis) LB

  #33 (Graduated 2010)

Darius Buckley (Lambuth University) LB

  #52 Graduated (2010)

Deandre Simmons (Lambuth University) OL

  Graduated (2009)

Brandon Hayes (University of Memphis) RB

Graduated (2007)

Chris Marve (Vanderbilt University) LB


 Graduated (2007)

Henry Rogers (University of Memphis) WR

 Graduated (2006)

Curtis Echols (University of Memphis) DB

  Graduated (2006)

Moncel Wooden (University of Memphis) DB

 Graduated (2007)

Brandon Boykin (Furman University) DE


 Graduated (2003)

Curtis Gatewood (Vanderbilt University) LB

NFL (Washington, KC, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Arizona)

 Graduated (2005)

Charlie Jordan (Murray State) RB


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